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Foundation Repair - Foundation Inspection

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Is your home in need of structural repair work? Does your home have unsightly cracks and blemishes on the walls and ceilings? Do your walls bow inward? Do your doors stick in the frame? Are there gaps between your bricks? These are all indications that the foundation for your house needs repaired. Foundation repair is very important and should not be neglected.

Luckily for you, we happen to specialize in building foundation repair in The Woodlands, TX area! Finding the cause and source of foundation damage can be a lengthy process. Oftentimes it involves crawling around in the crawl spaces under your home and in basements in order to pinpoint the source of your foundation issue. Our experienced foundation contractors know exactly what they are looking for, and are willing to crawl around all of the dirty places you don’t want to go in order to pinpoint the damage and trace the cause to its source.

Most of the time, homes don’t even need a new foundation. Cracks in your foundation can be due to soil shifts, inadequate drainage or even wear from normal aging. For these problems, we can correct the cause and then repair the foundation. If necessary, we can shift the soil surrounding your home in order to prevent further damage.

Unfortunately, there are those times when the foundation simply cannot be repaired, but must be replaced. Some older homes are built without steel and concrete foundations. Some builders use poor quality materials in order to cut costs. Sometimes, the damage is too advanced to repair.

South Texas Foundation Repair & Construction offers foundation replacement services in the unlikely event that repairs are not enough. Oftentimes, you can continue to live in your home while our foundation contractors work on your foundation replacement.

It is important to have one of our specialists check your home to see if foundation repair is necessary before more permanent problems arise. Let us help to increase your property value and prevent further damage by calling today to set up a walkthrough and an estimate!

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